Heat storage ceramic ball

Heat storage ceramic ball
Heat storage ceramic balls are characterized by its high strength, low abrasion loss, large heat capacity and thermal conductivity result in efficient heat storage performance, excellent resistance to high temperature and the thermal shock. The balls have been effectively used in recuperator in air separation process, and also used to pre-heat the gas and the air in coal gas heating furnace in iron & steel plant.(2) Technical SpecificationType
ItemFor air separation
HQ-XR-1For heating furnace
Chemical composition
%Al2O320-3060-65SiO2+Al2O3≥90≥90Fe2O3≤1≤1.5Size,mm10-12/12-1416-18/20-25Heat capacity, J/kg.k≥836≥1000Thermal conductivity,w/m.k2.6-2.9Thermal shock resistance,℃8001000Refractoriness,℃15501750Abrasion loss,%≤0.1≤0.1Mohs’ hardness,scal≥6.5≥6.5Crushing strength,N800-12001800-3200Bulk density,kg/m31300-14001500-1600

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