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Pingxiang Global Chemical Packing Co., Ltd (PGCP)

Pingxiang Global Chemical Packing Co., Ltd was established in 1998 and located in Gaokeng Industry Garden, Pingxiang, Jiangxi, which is one of China professional manufacturer in activated alumina, PSR Sulfur recovery catalyst, molecular sieve, ceramic ball, activated carbon, and industrial chemical packing.
Since establishment, the PGCP has made great achievements, developed a lot of new products, and acquired the certificate of ISO9001-2000. In 2006, we drafted chemical industry standards HG/T3986-2007 for Technology Condition of Plastic tower packing and HG/T3927-2007 for Industrial Activated Alumina with the National Non-metallic chemical equipment Standards Committee and the National Chemical Standard Committee. Our general engineer took part in drafting national chemical industry standard, which are HG/T 3683.1-2000 Industrial Ceramics Ball-Inert Ceramics Ball and HG/T 3683.3-2000 Industrial Ceramics Ball-Perforated Ceramics Ball. The new developing products HQ-HK slotted & perforated ceramic balls, high efficiency HQ-HK slotted & perforated supporting agent and high efficiency HQ-HK slotted & perforated protecting agent have the national patent, the number is ZL2005 3 0048184.0. Besides these, we have other patent products, that is HQR ring (ZL 2005 3 0048180.2) and HQ eight columns arcs link (ZL2006 3 0147956.0).
PGCP have been adhering to the principle of 閳ユ窔ntegrity, innovation, Combatant, and Development", and keep balanced development on scale and profitability. For the past 10 years, we have enjoyed sustained growth in business, and 300 million as its average annual turnover. Thanks to our good reputation, excellent services and reliable quality, our clients are spread throughout the world.
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