13X APG molecular sieve

13X APG molecular sieve

13X APG molecular sieve13X APG molecular sieve


Type 13X ACS molecular sieve is specially designed to co-adsorb CO2 and H2O for air cryo-separation industry. It has larger capacity and faster adsorption speed for removal of CO2 and H2O to prevent the bed gelation, it is suitable for any air cryo-separation plants of any sizes and any types in the world.

Typical Chemical Formula
Na2O . Al2O3. 2.45SiO2 . 6.0H2O

Technical Property of Molecular sieve 13X

ItemUnitTechnical data
Shape PelletSphere
Bulk densityg/ml≥0.60≥0.60≥0.64≥0.64
Wear ratio%≤0.20≤0.25≤0.20≤0.20
Crushing strengthN≥30/cm≥45/cm≥30/p≥65/p
Static water adsorption%≥25≥25≥25≥25
CO2 adsorption%≥18≥18≥18≥18
Water content, as shipped%≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5


Removal of H2O from air for air cryo-separation application.

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