ceramic grain filter

ceramic grain filter

Product Description

Ceramic grain filters are made of refined pottery clays added with certain modifiers,

and processed of grinding, mixing, shaping and high temperature sintering. They do

not contain any substances that harmful to people or environment. They are hard and

rough in surface, porous inside the structure, and have the advantages of high

mechanical strength, large specific surface area and porosity. When used in water

treatment, they behave a activated surface property, a great amount of pollutant

entrapment, less water head loss in the filter bed, lower consumption of backflush

water, stable in chemical and biologic property, and long service lifeCeramic grain

filters is a new and efficient filter material to increase the water yield, upgrade the

water quality and save chemicals and energy.

Chemical Composition of Ceramic Sand Filters

CompositionContent %
The balance≤ 2

Technical Indexes of Ceramic Grain Filter

AppearanceRough ball, porous, red & brown
Grain diameter,mm0.5-30
Apparent Density,g/cm31.2-1.6
Bulk density,g/cm30.6-1.2
Total porosity,%60-80
Specific surface area,cm2/g5000-10000
Attrition & crushing rate,%≤2
Even coefficientK80=1.2-1.5
Even coefficientK80=1.0-1.3
Solubility in acid,%≤2
Solubility in alkali,%≤1., 5
Soluble substanceNo any harmful elements contained

Product Size(mm): Φ1-2,Φ3-5,Φ5-6,Φ6-8,Φ8-9,Φ9-10,Φ10-12,Φ13-15,Φ16-20,Φ21-30

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