3A molecular sieve


The pore size of 3A molecular sieve is 3 Å . It does not adsorb any molecular larger than 3 Å. It is an alkali metal alumino-silicate, the potassium form of the typ A crystal structure. It will adsorb, in sequence of adsorption rate, helium, neon, nitrogen and water.

According to the industrial application specialties, we endue our products with the characters of higher adsorption speed, stronger crushing and anti-contaminative resistance, more cyclic times and longer work-span. All these advantage have made it come to be the most essential and necessary desiccant in the fields of the deep drying, refinery, polymerization for cracked gases, ethylene, propylene and any other non-acidic gases or liquids in petroleum and chemical industrials.

Typical Chemical Formula
XK2O .Y Na2O . Al2O3 . 2 SiO2 . 4.5H2O (X+Y=1)
SiO2 : Al2O3 ≈2

Technical Property of Molecular sieve 3A

ItemUnitTechnical data
Size ratio up to grade%≥98≥98≥96≥96
Bulk densityg/ml≥0.65≥0.65≥0.70≥0.70
Wear ratio%≤0.20≤0.25≤0.20≤0.20
Crushing strengthN≥45/cm≥60/cm≥45/piece≥60/piece
Static water adsorption%≥20≥20≥20≥20
Ethylene adsorption≤3.0≤3.0≤3.0≤3.0
Water content, as shipped%≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5


Dehydration of many kinds of liquids (say Ethanol).
Dehydration of air.
Dehydration of Refrigerant.
Dehydration of natural gas or methane.
Dehydration of cracked gas, ethylene, ethyne, propylene or butadiene

Type 3A molecular Sieve is recommended for drying unsaturated hydrocarbons and highly polar compounds such as methanol and ethanol. The 3A structure is particularly effective in dehydrating the inner space of insulating glass windows as well as refrigerant gases.


Molecular Sieve 3A can be revived for reuse and the required factors for revival are temperature and pressure. To remove the adsorbed moisture and other materials, the revival condition shall be set up considering the features of target material and processing environment. The general revival temperature of Molecular Sieve 3A is about 200-350℃.