Liang Yan

Liang Yan

Vice-General Manager

Liang yan, Vice general manager, graduated from Lanzhou University of Technology, majoring in chemical machinery, bachelor of engineering. She Joined Pingxiang global in 2002 as the vice general manager of the company, responsible for the technical and general sales work, as well as the construction of the production line of molecular sieve and activated alumina with an annual output of 500 tons and the renovation project. Previously, Ms. Liang served in Pingxiang chemical packing group company, In her previous roles, she run as the manager of operation, take incharge of engineering construction, production equipment and maintenance work, the transformation of molecular sieve converter, and built the production line with an annual output of 3000 tons of petrochemical auxiliaries and 500 tons of activated alumina.

When she worked in Tianhua chemical machinery and automation research and design institute co., LTD., she was responsible for completing the project “HK-40, HP high-temperature alloy life prediction”, a key research project of Ministry of Chemical Industry, and promoted and applied the research results to guide the service life detection of high-temperature alloy in the first and second stages of reformer in the petrochemical industries, and achieved good results. This achievement won the second prize of Ministry of Chemical Industry in the life prediction of HK-40 and HP high-temperature alloy in 1986.

As well as responsible for the completion of the engineering construction project of Hangzhou high-temperature alloy furnace and tube factory, the engineering construction project of Lanzhou general plant of Ministry of Industry and the engineering construction project of high-temperature alloy furnace and tube factory of chemical machinery research institute of the ministry of chemical industry, she’s mainly incharge of the design, process guidance and service.

Vice General manager Liang Yan drafted numbers of industry standards in China, Her professional, modest and courteous well-deserved The technical Queen in Pingxiang Global.

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