• Xiao He

    Administrative Manager Administrative Manager Xiao He takes in charge of he daily reception jobs, performing the duties of the administrative office, compiling and implementing the relevant institutions of the company and the receipt and delivery of documents, as well as the management of labor contracts and the examination of labor discipline, the publicity and planning of the company, and the completion of the work assigned by the general manager. Manager XiaoHe is active, flexible and intelligent, she’s good at coordination, organizing , which enables her to complete all tasks excellently always.

    Our team May 30, 2020
  • Zhang Jiang

    Production Manager Zhang Jiang is responsible for production planning and scheduling, presiding over production scheduling meetings, on-site management of workshops, supervising and improving the the production reports and statistics, as well as the activated alumina workshop production, personnel, technology, quality and safety. Despite his youth, Production manager Zhang Jiang is very capable and proficient in computer. You can say he is an competent youth in the times of new generation.

    Our team May 28, 2020
  • Qiu Wei

    Technical Manager Technical Manager Qiu Wei is incharge of the management of the technical department and R & D center, as well as the product technical and process, standard establishment and ISO certification following. Assist sales people in technical support, on-site communication and after-sales service, and new product development, technical patent drafting and application, and the testing and inspection of products and relevant reports , qualification certificates. Qiu Wei focuses on technology during work while loves music in his life. He formed a band in his college time and is very capable of singing.

    Our team May 23, 2020
  • Zeng Jing

    Finance Manager Ms. Zeng is mainly responsible for the capital management, cost management, product cost benefit analysis and cost accounting, profit and tax management, account management, business settlement, receivables, accounts payable management, personal transactions, business interest settlement, etc. Finance Department as one of the core departments of the company, dedicated, conscientious, organized is the style of Finance Manager Zeng Jing.

    Our team May 18, 2020
  • Song Ting

    Sales Manager Ms. Songting assume the sales manager in Global that mainly in charge of coordinating the production arrangements and following jobs, and assisting the quotation to customers and emails replying, orders review, following the VAT invoice issuing , Payment collection, contracts settlement and filing management. Ms. Song treats her jobs with much responsible, busy but orderly, rigorous but flexibility. Beyond work, her life is with an interesting soul in the body.

    Our team May 15, 2020
  • Liu Wennian

    Deputy general managerShareholder Deputy general manager Liu Wennian has entered Pingxiang Global for more than 10 years, His main assignments included the coordinate work between the company and the relevant government departments, involve in the management and decision-making jobs of the company, and incharge of the improvement of related projects and assist relevant jobs for chairman. Deputy general manager Liu love sports and he’s always very energetic.

    Our team May 12, 2020
  • Liu Guanyuan

    Vice General ManagerShareholder Vice General Manager Liu Guanyuan is very skilled at communication and negotiation. As the head of sales department, he mainly in charge of the company sales job, participate in the management and decision-making of the company and sales contract review, settlement, assist the sales people, customer reception and visiting. As the first generation sales representative of Pingxiang Global, Vice President Liu had diversified experience and keen insight of market throughout his sales career , now the 2nd generation of sales people with his leadership are moving towards to a higher goal and a wider future. There’s always a comfortable and sensible style of conversation and the smiling eyes from Vice General Manger Liu Guanyuan when you communicate with him.

    Our team May 8, 2020
  • Liang Yan

    EngineerVice-General ManagerShareholder Liang yan, Vice general manager, graduated from Lanzhou University of Technology, majoring in chemical machinery, bachelor of engineering. She Joined Pingxiang global in 2002 as the vice general manager of the company, responsible for the technical and general sales work, as well as the construction of the production line of molecular sieve and activated alumina with an annual output of 500 tons and the renovation project. Previously, Ms. Liang served in Pingxiang chemical packing group company, In her previous roles, she run as the manager of operation, take incharge of engineering construction, production equipment and maintenance work, the transformation of molecular sieve converter, and built the production line with an annual output of 3000 tons of petrochemical auxiliaries and 500 tons of activated alumina. When she worked in Tianhua chemical machinery and automation research and design institute co., LTD., she was responsible for completing the project “HK-40, HP high-temperature alloy life prediction”, a key research project of Ministry of Chemical Industry, and promoted and applied the research results to guide the service life detection of high-temperature alloy in the first and second stages of reformer in the petrochemical industries, and achieved good results. This achievement won the second prize of Ministry of Chemical Industry in the life prediction of HK-40 and HP high-temperature alloy in 1986. As well as responsible for the completion of the engineering construction project of Hangzhou high-temperature alloy furnace and tube factory, the engineering construction project of Lanzhou general plant of Ministry of Industry…

    Our team May 5, 2020
  • Hu Zhaoyang

    Hu ZhaoyangGeneral ManagerEMBA of CKGSB and Nanchang UniversityNPC Member of Anyuan DistrictVice President of Pingxiang Industrial Ceramics ChamberOutstanding entrepreneur of jiangxi province in 2018Excellent factory director (manager)of Jiangxi Province in 2016-2017Committee member of National non-metallic standard materials General Manager Hu Zhaoyang joined the company in 2009, after graduating from Nanchang University with the majoring in polymer material science and engineering. During the time of more than a decade in Global, General manager Hu served as a sales and the foreign trade manager in the initial and quickly grown up to a leader with system management ability, outstanding leadership and forward-looking based on his smart, positive, creative and responsible, that awarded Outstanding Administrator in municipal and provincial for times. In 2017 he has took the helm of Pingxiang Global as General Manager and steered the decision-making, planning and management work of the company.With the unremitting efforts and leadership of general manager Hu, Global has presented with a new looking and vitality. The company moved into new plant in 2018 and established the largest single set CNC production line of activated alumina(annual output 7,000 tons) in the industry, in the same time, the company began to carry out a series of reforms and external publicity and promotion, that improved the brand awareness of Pingxiang Global at home and abroad, improved the company image and deepened the brand influence. Since then, the soft strength of the company has reached a new step. In 2019, the company achieved the proud performance of breaking 100…

    Our team May 3, 2020
  • Hu Zibin

    Chairman, Legal representative, EngineerThe 4th Outstanding Youth in Pingxiang CityNPC Member of Anyuan DistrictVice President of Pingxiang Industrial Ceramics ChamberCommittee member of National non-metallic standard materials Chairman Hu Zibin has engaged in Chemical packing industry for more than 30 years that started his career as an ordinary technician, with extraordinary courage, unyielding perseverance and excellent professional knowledge, he gradually striven to become the founder of the company with the brand of Pingxiang Global. His elaborately devotion and management by years, leading the company becomes a well-known enterprise in the industry, that promoted the development of petroleum, chemical, coal chemical and air separation industries in China. While in overseas market, the output of high quality products and professional service gained highly recognition and praises by our foreign customers.He is also a hard-working engineer that has participated in the drafting of a number of industry standards in China. In his over 30 years, Chairman Hu has invented several new products independently and applied patents, among which Perforated & slotted ceramic ball is widely used in the industry. In addition, he’s an excellent sales, he knows customers well and knows how to expand the market. With the leadership of Chairman Hu, the first generation sales team of Pingxiang Global had made remarkable achievements and laid a solid foundation for the future development of the company. During the 20 years history, Chairman Hu spared no efforts and introjections and promoted the reforms and innovations that pushed the company to the higher steps again and…

    Our team May 1, 2020