Pingxiang Global attended the exhibition of ICIF China 2020

The 19th China International Chemical Industry Fair(ICIF China 2020) was held in Shanghai from 16th to 18th Sep.

China International Chemical Industry Fair (ICIF China) founded in 1992, is organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, the Chemical Industry Branch of China International Trade Promotion Commission, and the three major chemical industry authorities of China Chemical Information Center. Focus on the displaying of the petroleum and chemical industry products and advanced technology, covering the entire petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, and related industries in nowadays, has become a widely recognized petroleum and chemical industry at home and abroad, enterprises actively participate in, the high influence of the industry brand exhibition.

With the theme of “Intelligent chemical industry-innovation leading the future “, the exhibition discusses the green, safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency, and scientific development of the petroleum and chemical industry, displays the latest products and ideas of the whole chemical industry chain, helps the development of the industry and builds a win-win platform for coordinated development.

PX Global attended the exhibition, we met lots of old customers, got new connections with new customers, and showed our products and the company to them. However, due to the COVID-19, though now most of the cities in China are safe that included Shanghai, our foreign customers can not come to the fair, it’s a pity but life and safety is the most important, wish all the people around the world will be safe and healthy soon with the globally efforts.

During the exhibition, we showed our products, introduced the history of the company, the company qualification, and technical support, that got highly admissive from the customers. Meanwhile, based on the market demands and our professionalism, we reached cooperative intentions with some customers. As a leading company in the field in China, we’ll provide the best products and service continuously.

In the unusual year of 2020, we met many blocks and got some regrets, but we keep enterprising, and going forward, thanks for the support and trust of our respected customers. Looking forward to seeing you in the next year.

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    General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that the poverty alleviation is the common responsibility of the whole Party and the whole society, and we should mobilize the whole society to participate in it. Pingxiang Global responded actively to the call and carried forward the spirit of “getting rich by thinking of source, thinking of progress, helping the poverty and the needy”. General Manager Mr. Hu Zhaoyang participated in the targeted poverty alleviation work actively in wangjiayuan village. We are duty-bound to help the poverty and we consciously assume our own social responsibility, do the best to provide the assistance. Help the poverty families make plans to increase their income, provide information on how to become rich, help them learn and master practical technologies, promote industrial development, and provide financial support actively as well as medical assistance, and provide multiple jobs for the poverty families to secure employment. At the same time, guide the poverty families to strengthen the courage to overcome difficulties and help them establish confidence for a better life. In the future, we will continue to fully participate in targeted poverty alleviation work, and work with the villagers together in wangjiayuan village to help the poverty people speed up their efforts to lift themselves out of poverty and get rich, so as to share the fruits of reforming and development of the society.

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  • Customer Visiting–                                                                                         The Overseas customers and Domestic customers visited Pingxiang Global in 2019

    Customer Visiting– The Overseas customers and Domestic customers visited Pingxiang Global in 2019

    In 2019,the customers in domestic and abroad visited and inspected the activated alumina plant and the R&D department in Pingxiang Global that enhanced the knowing between us and the customers, and shared the project information with our respected customers in a more open way, that makes the customers feel relieved for the cooperation. As a new industry of High-Tech R&D, application and promotion, Pingxiang Global New Material Technology Co., Ltd always keeps serious and Rigorous for the independent research and development with Constant exploration and innovation. With the goal of more professional and better service,we win more and more preferred and trust from the customers, we believe the company will be more and more brilliant.

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    Our Managing Director Mr.Hu Makes a speech for the table tennis competition The representative teams The representative teams In the table tennis competition The award ceremony

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  • The prevention and control responding of the Covid-19 epidemic in Pingxiang Global

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    Along with the prevention and control jobs of covid-19 epidemic were deepened constantly, the people from all sectors of society are responding actively and contributing ideas and resources and efforts against the epidemic. Pingxiang Global New Material Technology Co., Ltd(mainly specilized in Activated alumina, ceramic ball, molecular sieve, chemical fillings, activated carbon, etc) participate in the prevention and control of epidemic proactively and implement it’s society responsibility. In 30th Jan., the company donated 100,000RMB to Hubei Red Cross for the prevention and control of covid-19 epidemic In additional, donated 50,000RMB to Anyuan District Red Cross for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and other relevant Humanitarian Aid. We sincerely wish and believe the epidemic will come to end soon with the effort of all Chinese People.

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  • Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

    Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

    In the past 1 year, all of us had a tough time, the world seemed was pressed by the pause button, everything turned very slowly or even stopped. 2020 is doomed an unforgettable year for everybody.  However, the New year means new hope, a new challenge, a new chance, and new development. Hereby Pingxiang Global New Materials Technology Co., Ltd would like to send our sincerest wishes, wish you and your company will have a more prosperous and successful year in 2021, wish you and your families a happy, lucky, healthy and wealthy time in 2021. May all your wishes and effort will reach a positive destination, pls take care and stay safe. We’ll continue to be your strong support as always do, provide the best price, best quality, and best service, and looking forward to joining with you for a more thriving business in the coming years. Happy New Year!

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  • Wugong Mountain Hiking

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    Our company organized a hiking of Wugong Mountain in 18th April 2020, it’s a company activity with tourism and entertainment after the work. Hug with nature with the physical strength, perseverance and endurance. It is not an easy hiking of the altitude 1918 meters, but all of us did it. Awesome!! Just like the hiking, the staff in Global New Material are dependable and struggling, look backward of the steps we’ve taken, we feel relieved and delighted for the success. That’s also like our life and work, we may come across a lot of unexpected difficulties and obstacles on the way of forwarding,if you want to break the limitations,you need to keep persisting and striving. At last, welcome all friends around the world come with us together for the chanllege of Wugong moutain, you’ll find the most beautiful senery there and will be unforgettable in your life.

    Company news April 18, 2020