The Provincial special activity of assisting poverty for Wangjiayuan village

General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that the poverty alleviation is the common responsibility of the whole Party and the whole society, and we should mobilize the whole society to participate in it. Pingxiang Global responded actively to the call and carried forward the spirit of “getting rich by thinking of source, thinking of progress, helping the poverty and the needy”. General Manager Mr. Hu Zhaoyang participated in the targeted poverty alleviation work actively in wangjiayuan village.

The Provincial special activity of assisting poverty for Wangjiayuan village

We are duty-bound to help the poverty and we consciously assume our own social responsibility, do the best to provide the assistance. Help the poverty families make plans to increase their income, provide information on how to become rich, help them learn and master practical technologies, promote industrial development, and provide financial support actively as well as medical assistance, and provide multiple jobs for the poverty families to secure employment. At the same time, guide the poverty families to strengthen the courage to overcome difficulties and help them establish confidence for a better life.

In the future, we will continue to fully participate in targeted poverty alleviation work, and work with the villagers together in wangjiayuan village to help the poverty people speed up their efforts to lift themselves out of poverty and get rich, so as to share the fruits of reforming and development of the society.

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