The donation activity for the poverty students

Roses are given, hands are fragrant, gives love and harvests hope. In 1st March, on the occasion of a new term of school in the new year, the ‘Global’ scholarship activity fir the first half year of 2019 was held by Pingxiang Global.

General Manager Mr. Hu Zhaoyang attended the activity and made a speech. Concerning and subsidizing the poverty students is an important task for the reforming and development of education, It is a concrete manifestation that the Party and government emphasis on education, care for talents and promote the rejuvenation of the country through science and education. The activity embodied the fine tradition that “one side is in trouble, all sides offer help”. Subsidize and comfort the needy and vulnerable groups that is the responsible and mission for an enterprise to return to the society. We feel glad to provide a good and healthy environment for the growth and studying of the poverty students, but also they need to rely on their own efforts to change the fate of the future and become a useful talent to the society and the country!

During the activity, the students also expressed their gratitude, they were very grateful to the “Global” scholarship fund activity for the help in economic but also guide them in spiritual, they will keep studying hard and inherit and continue the love.

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