Ammonia Decomposition Catalyst

Ammonia Decomposition Catalyst

Suitable for various processes’ single stage converter and heat-exchange type furnace with natural gas as raw material, such as synthetic ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen production flow.Product has the advantage of smooth appearance, easy loading whose character can avoid to produce Bridges and make the air-distribution uniformity, good transferring heat and mass, and excellent resistance to low carbon ability.H2O: C low limit experimental value is 2.0; Actual operation low limit for long term operation is 2.70 ,as for short-term operation is 2.40 .The resistance of bed is uniformity and stability .in normal operation condition, bed resistance won’t rise. Low temperature activity is outstanding, actual lowest temperature at the outlet can reach 400 °C. It also has the excellent resistance to mold

number of pores334
size, mmΦ14X11Φ14*11Φ17*17
Pore diameter,mm3-4
Bulk density,kg/l0.9-1.1
Crushing strength,N/particle≥200≥200≥250
rare earth oxide,%≥2.0≥2.0
metal oxide,%

Operating conditions:

total carbons in feed gas140maxOperating temperature,°C400-950
pressure,MPa0.7-5.0Space velocity,h-1500-2500
H2O/ C2.5-5.0Inlet H2 content,ppmv≤0.5

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