HQHG-601 chloride-removal adsorbent

HQHG-601 chloride-removal adsorbent

chloride-removal adsorbent HQHG-601 is an outstanding adsorbent most commonly used in adsorbing hydrogen chloride from reformer hydrogen off-gases, natural gas, naphtha, and light liquid hydrocarbons in low-temperature range applications.It can provide more than 30% chloride pick-up capacity at 25 ,and its chloride pick-up capacity rises with operating temperature in the range of -5 to 200.Physical and chemical properties:

AppearanceGrey or brown extrudates
Bulk density, kg/l0.7-1.1
Crushing strength, N/cmmin50
Chloride pick-up capacity,min 30wt%HCl(25)

normal operating conditions:

Process parameterspressure ,Mpatemperature,Space velocity,hr-1
0.1-5.0-5 to 2003.0-8.0(L),500-3000(G)
Raw materialHCl content, 1000 ppm
processed productsHCl content, max 0.1 ppm

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