HQHG-971 de-oxygen protection sulfur recovery catalyst

HQHG-971 de-oxygen protection sulfur recovery catalyst
HQHG-971 is prepared by using special-purpose active Al2O3 as carrier and adding patented auxiliary agent, which possesses dual function of Claus activity and de-oxygen protection. The main advantages are not only having high Claus activity, but also having the function of removing the trace oxygen from the process gas and thus protecting the subsequent catalyst from being sulfated.HQHG-971 can be used alone in a single reactor or loaded above active Al2O3. The amount of HQHG-971 loaded is about 1/2 or1/3 of the total amount of catalyst in the reactor. HQHG-971 isn’t sensitive to the fluctuation of process conditions and excessive SO2 and O2 in the process gas, thus HQHG-971 is specially suited to be used in the low load units or the units whose load often changes greatly.

Technical Specification

AppearanceRed brown
Surface area,m2/g≥260
Bulk density,g/ml0.70~0.82
Crushing strength,N/pc≥140
Pore volume,ml/g≥0.40
Wear ration,%≤0.3

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