HQHG-310G High Temperature Zinc Oxide Desulfurizer

HQHG-310G High Temperature Zinc Oxide Desulfurizer

HQHG-310G high temperature zinc oxide sulfur remover is widely used in the purification of various industrial feed gas including hydrogen production, ammonia, alcohol production, and organic product synthesis.The content of H2S can be decreased to below 0.1 ppm through treatment of HQHG-310G. At the same time, it can also convert and adsorb some simple organic sulfur compounds, such as COS and CS2. HQHG-310G possesses the features of high adsorption amount of sulfur, high activity and high mechanical strength, enduring high water steam ratio, even at harsh conditions, it can maintain very high activity and sulfur adsorption capacity.




Appearanceyellowish-white extrudate
Surface area,m2/g≥50
Sulfur capacity,%≥30(300℃),≥20(220℃)
Bulk density,g/ml0.80~1.10
Crushing strenght,N/cm≥70
Operating conditions
Operating pressure, MpaAtmospheric pressure~13.0
Operating velocity, h-1500~3000
Exit sulfur content, mg/m3≤0.1

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